Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers
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I’m afraid not, my costs and the time spent editing afterwards remains the same regardless of the day or date, which has to be reflected in the fee.

I never either shoot to or edit to a specific number of photographs, it’s simply not possible to do this, and what if I nail my quota within the first 2 hours, I could kick back and do nothing then! You’ll receive as many high quality edited photographs as I can get from your full days coverage, typically this would be somewhere in region of 350-450.

For almost all the images provided they should print without any problems at all up to 30″ x 20″, anything bigger than this may need some more production work so get in touch.

Afraid not, that’s a whole different set of skills best handled by a videographer. I stick to what I do best, photography.

Yes! Absolutely essential for any wedding photographer, I have both Public Liability and Professional Indemnity. Now I hope after you have read this far that you do go ahead and book me for your day, but if you do not, I won’t hold a grudge but please do ask and insist that your wedding photographer also holds these insurance covers.

Do I travel?! In short, yes! I love travelling! Anywhere further than a reasonable distance from my base does incur added cost for travel and accommodation where needed, this is kept to a minimum however and never used to bump up my price unnecessarily.

The deposit is non-refundable and used to reserve your date, thus we would then turn away any other requests for that date. If wedding is postponed however, this deposit amount will count towards the rescheduled date (providing that I am not already booked)

Your date is confirmed and reserved once I have received the signed contract and deposit payment.

During the day itself, all photographs are simultaneously saved to 2 memory cards for when one of them might fail (they never have yet, but if). These memory cards then do not leave my sight until they have been saved to my editing computer, with a backup copy made to a server with multiple hard drives, and then a further copy is created and kept off-site. There are always at least 2 full copies in separate locations of your pictures at any given time.

Generally I would say no more than 5 weeks after the event, but in practice it is usually sooner than this. And you will always receive a small selection of photographs a day or two after your wedding for you to share with friends & family before the full set arrives.

Things get thrown about, voices raised, blood pressure raised etc. I’m joking of course, as with all electronic equipment, things do occasionally malfunction or break. Rest assured though I always carry backup equipment with me so should the worst happen, I simply swap over to the backup and carry on as before with almost no interruption to my work.

Of course, just ask! I don’t publish an entire set on my website, mainly because there can be upwards of 500 photographs which would be overwhelming for people wanting a taster, but happy to show you if required.

If it’s not immediately obvious from my recent galleries, then get in touch and I will let you know, and if I have, then can show photographs of earlier weddings there. If I haven’t, I always make a point of trying to visit the venue beforehand to have a good walk round and familiarise myself with the layout, look for good spots to use for photographs, work out ‘plan B’ for bad weather etc.

In short, no. Trust me when I say you wouldn’t want every photograph. I will often take several of the same scene to make sure there is one where people aren’t blinking, looking away, squinting etc. And then there will be other shots that perhaps aren’t very flattering or very similar to others.
Editing your photographs begins with removing all the images that don’t make the grade, then the remaining ‘keepers’ are edited and are the final set that you will receive.

Not at all, your wedding breakfast should be for your guests. I’m more than happy to have a quick snack in a separate room which also gives me chance to back up the photographs from the day so far. Also then takes away the anxiety of people thinking they may be photographed with a mouth full of food, no one looks good then! Plus I always feel sleepy after having a big meal and it’s tricky finding a good spot at a wedding for a snooze!

Possibly, it depends on the date, get in touch and we can discuss it some more.